How Juicy!

When the orange blossoms started blooming, we decided to pick all the oranges off of our two backyard trees and JUICE!

My mom and dad loaned us the juicer attachment for our Bosch.

We juiced all these cans, plus three more gallons!

The juice was so yummy, and since we had so much, we topped the night off with an orange julius!

General Conference Weekend Away

We spent this past General Conference weekend in Willcox with most of the Allred family. 

We spent a lot of time out in Bowie (pronounced Boo-ee), a town 20 minutes outside of Willcox where two of Brett's siblings live.

Friday night when we drove in, we headed straight to Bowie and watched "Cowboys versus Aliens" with Michael and Kami. 

Saturday we spent the day with the Jared and Melanie Allred family, who live on the family farm in Bowie.  Melanie treated everyone to "Conference Crepes" for breakfast.  It was fun hanging out with the family and kiddos!

In between sessions, we hiked Ft. Bowie.  Jared has gotten into trail running lately, and runs this trail about once a week. He ran the whole thing, while we walked most of the trail.

It is a 3 mile round-trip trail, that is not super difficult with lots of fun information and exhibits on the way. 
At the top, they have a ranger station, which is almost like a mini museum.  This is a historically-dense area, and we found out lots of tid-bits of information!

While the men were at Priesthood Session, the kids and moms all got together for mini pizzas and banana splits.

Sunday we spent with the Justin and Jocelyn family during the sessions.  We had hootenany (German pancakes) for lunch with fresh chicken eggs and had fun hanging out with the kids. We got nearly a whole ream of paper colored for us during conference from our adorable nephew Spencer.  It was a combination of animal and conference coloring pages, each page addressed to us individually.  He had to start doing double sided pages!

Sunday night was topped off with family dinner with the whole Allred clan in Bowie at the Michael and Kami Allred family home.  Yummy food and good company just can't be beat!

We also brought our sweet pup home that night, she was a little scared and slept on my lap the whole car ride home. 

It was a good weekend, I love General Conference Weekend!

I Feel Good!

Well, I am finally feeling GOOD again!

I can now fix dinner and grocery shop without feeling like I am about to lose my cookies.

And I don't feel like I am going to topple over and collapse of exhaustion at 7 pm every night.

I feel little baby movements in my tummy, which is way neat, and they are increasing every few days!

The bump on my belly is obvious to the world now, but I am still in the awkward "is she pregnant of chubby" phase to strangers.

And since I am feeling so good, I feel like taking pictures and blogging again, hence the blog posts resuming!

The bump (a few weeks ago)...

Visiting my aunt and uncle, Carson and Jen, in the hospital after she delivered her beautiful baby twin girls.  They were big for twins, 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 7 lbs. 4 oz!  Names are Tessa and Claire. 

We went to movie in the park to see the Princess Bride (inconceivable, I know!).

And had a picnic dinner at the Easter Pageant with Jacob and Camille!

I hear the second trimester is supposed to be the best...I am soaking it all in! 

I am about 17 weeks now, we find out what we're having in just a few more!

The Newest Addition To Our Family... our adorable new pup named "Cub"!

She is hard to resist, and I have never cared and worried so much about anything non-human before!

We got her from the Justin and Jocelyn Allred family down in Willcox this past weekend, their dog "Bear" had 7 puppies, all equally as cute!  Our neices and nephews named her, and we thought it was too cute to change (and it is fitting seeing how her mama is named "Bear").

Her coloring and characteristics are similar to a rottweiler puppy, and although she may have a bit of rottweiler in her, she is just a big mix of a lot of different breeds that we aren't sure of (she's a farm dog!). 

She is a sweetheart, and loves to play.  Brett affectionately calls her "Cubby" as she scampers around the yard following him while he feeds the chickens, mends the fence, or grills our dinner. 

She is an outdoor dog, but we (mostly me), just can't resist those puppy dog eyes and little whines, that she is in the house often!  Brett doesn't love it too much, but he did bring her in this morning while I was still in bed--see, we just can't resist! 

I personally like the company of her while I am doing chores around the house!

Yes, that is bling on her collar, I like to take care of my girl.
And I used my metal stamps and washers, to give her some identification!

We are now pet people...and loving it!