I Feel Good!

Well, I am finally feeling GOOD again!

I can now fix dinner and grocery shop without feeling like I am about to lose my cookies.

And I don't feel like I am going to topple over and collapse of exhaustion at 7 pm every night.

I feel little baby movements in my tummy, which is way neat, and they are increasing every few days!

The bump on my belly is obvious to the world now, but I am still in the awkward "is she pregnant of chubby" phase to strangers.

And since I am feeling so good, I feel like taking pictures and blogging again, hence the blog posts resuming!

The bump (a few weeks ago)...

Visiting my aunt and uncle, Carson and Jen, in the hospital after she delivered her beautiful baby twin girls.  They were big for twins, 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 7 lbs. 4 oz!  Names are Tessa and Claire. 

We went to movie in the park to see the Princess Bride (inconceivable, I know!).

And had a picnic dinner at the Easter Pageant with Jacob and Camille!

I hear the second trimester is supposed to be the best...I am soaking it all in! 

I am about 17 weeks now, we find out what we're having in just a few more!

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  1. The second trimester is by far the best!! I felt so good! Enjoy it cause the last one not so great!!!!!