General Conference Weekend Away

We spent this past General Conference weekend in Willcox with most of the Allred family. 

We spent a lot of time out in Bowie (pronounced Boo-ee), a town 20 minutes outside of Willcox where two of Brett's siblings live.

Friday night when we drove in, we headed straight to Bowie and watched "Cowboys versus Aliens" with Michael and Kami. 

Saturday we spent the day with the Jared and Melanie Allred family, who live on the family farm in Bowie.  Melanie treated everyone to "Conference Crepes" for breakfast.  It was fun hanging out with the family and kiddos!

In between sessions, we hiked Ft. Bowie.  Jared has gotten into trail running lately, and runs this trail about once a week. He ran the whole thing, while we walked most of the trail.

It is a 3 mile round-trip trail, that is not super difficult with lots of fun information and exhibits on the way. 
At the top, they have a ranger station, which is almost like a mini museum.  This is a historically-dense area, and we found out lots of tid-bits of information!

While the men were at Priesthood Session, the kids and moms all got together for mini pizzas and banana splits.

Sunday we spent with the Justin and Jocelyn family during the sessions.  We had hootenany (German pancakes) for lunch with fresh chicken eggs and had fun hanging out with the kids. We got nearly a whole ream of paper colored for us during conference from our adorable nephew Spencer.  It was a combination of animal and conference coloring pages, each page addressed to us individually.  He had to start doing double sided pages!

Sunday night was topped off with family dinner with the whole Allred clan in Bowie at the Michael and Kami Allred family home.  Yummy food and good company just can't be beat!

We also brought our sweet pup home that night, she was a little scared and slept on my lap the whole car ride home. 

It was a good weekend, I love General Conference Weekend!

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  1. We had fun! Thanks for hanging out with us. Tell Brett the toilet is working fine now and we didn't have to get a new one.