DIY Dollhouse

A few weeks ago I blogged about an Allred Family tradition where cousins draw names and exchange gifts with each other.  Since we now have Landon, we are responsible for one gift in this exchange, and this year we had our cute 6 year old niece.  Since Landon doesn't have much of a say this year, I took matters into my own hands...The budget is $10-$15, and I am excited to share what we did!  We didn't go over budget at all, and I hope she liked her present, we sure had fun working on it. 

We started with these two old desk drawers, wood scraps, and some old dollhouse furniture:

and turned it into a dollhouse:
The window frames in the front are small picture frames with popsicle sticks glued inside!

That little grand piano was my favorite!  And I am such a nice aunt, that I upgrader her refrigerator to stainless steel :)

Brett did a lot of the work!  I am so grateful that I have such a handy husband who happily (with a little coaxing), goes along with my "visionary" ideas.  It made me want to be a little girl again, so I could sit and play with a dollhouse and it be considered an "age-appropriate" activity. 

This was good practice, because when we have a little girl (that's not an announcement!), you can bet that Brett will be helping me out with another one of these!

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  1. Tia, this is so cute!! What a great idea! Your niece is one lucky girl :)