The Newest Addition To Our Family... our adorable new pup named "Cub"!

She is hard to resist, and I have never cared and worried so much about anything non-human before!

We got her from the Justin and Jocelyn Allred family down in Willcox this past weekend, their dog "Bear" had 7 puppies, all equally as cute!  Our neices and nephews named her, and we thought it was too cute to change (and it is fitting seeing how her mama is named "Bear").

Her coloring and characteristics are similar to a rottweiler puppy, and although she may have a bit of rottweiler in her, she is just a big mix of a lot of different breeds that we aren't sure of (she's a farm dog!). 

She is a sweetheart, and loves to play.  Brett affectionately calls her "Cubby" as she scampers around the yard following him while he feeds the chickens, mends the fence, or grills our dinner. 

She is an outdoor dog, but we (mostly me), just can't resist those puppy dog eyes and little whines, that she is in the house often!  Brett doesn't love it too much, but he did bring her in this morning while I was still in bed--see, we just can't resist! 

I personally like the company of her while I am doing chores around the house!

Yes, that is bling on her collar, I like to take care of my girl.
And I used my metal stamps and washers, to give her some identification!

We are now pet people...and loving it!


  1. fun to see pictures of Cub on your blog. We are glad you are enjoying her! I read this post to some of the kids and they LOVED hearing about her and seeing the pictures. :)

  2. she is darling!!! I want to come meet her!!! Let me know if you need anything too! I'm just down the street and I just love you so I'd be happy to help you with anything you may need/want!!