Oh Baby!

Well, I'm sure most have heard the news!  Brett and I are expecting and due in September!  We are so thrilled and can't believe this chapter of our lives has already begun!

Most have heard that we had twins on the way, which was quite the surprise (especially when Brett was not even at the appointment with me!).  They looked identical, and one was slightly smaller than the other.  Unfortunately, it is common to lose a twin during the first trimester...and that's what happened to us.  Even though we are bummed, we are still so grateful and excited we have a healthy, growing baby still on the way!  Thankfully, when this happens with identical twins in the first trimester, I don't "miscarry" like most women would with one baby, the baby just stops growing and slowly gets absorbed into the fluids.  They still aren't sure why this happens and is so common, but it most likely is from the shared circulation of the two babies, and one will just begin to dominate the other.  Just to give you an idea, here are the two ultrasound photos:

 Here are the two babies at 7 weeks, looking on track
Here is 9 weeks, you can hardly even see the second baby now, in the top, right corner.

What a difference 2 weeks makes!

Twins do run in the family though, each of my parents have a sibling that has a set of twins.  And identical twins are not proven to be genetic.  Once you conceive multiples, your chances of conceiving them again shoots way above average!

Now I'm at 11 weeks, and things are going great!  I've been so lucky to not be nearly as sick as some women (like my mom!).  I have fainted once (thankfully Brett was there to catch me), but not once thrown up.  Nausea comes and goes, and sometimes at night, when I'm tired, I start to feel crummy.  But I've already been having really great days, so I think the worst might even be behind me. 

Things I've been eating a lot of lately:
Ritz crackers
lots of bananas
jolly ranchers
cherry 7 up
QT icees
and mexican food!

I feel like overall I've been able to keep pretty healthy eating habits, but sometimes that sugar/carbonation just helps my stomach feel settled.  And when I have to be in Downtown Phoenix at 7:15 am every morning, I will do what I have to do to feel good!

So even though we aren't getting the "2-for-1" deal this time, who knows, we might sometime later!  But for now, we are just so excited with one coming at a time!