Mary Poppins and Bert = Happy Halloween

Do you remember how we went to our ward campout with our friends the Whitings?  Well Aubrey is finshing school studying event planning and they threw an awesome costume party a couple weeks before Halloween!

So we dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert!  I just thrifted everything, and added a few touches (i.e. daisies to the hat, spray painted the chimney sweep black, made the red bow tie, etc.).  I was so excited that I found a carpet bag, an umbrella, and something close enough to a chimney sweep!

We ended up winning the "Best Couples Costume" Award!  And the decor was super cute.  I went a little early to help Aubrey set up, so right before everyone came I snapped a few pictures. 

the adorable drink station 

super cute table decor

the adorable awards given out 

the food table before the food arrived (the bag is covering all the delicious bread bowls!)
We had some different soups, bread bowls, appetizers, and an assortment of desserts.

Thanks Aubrey and Thomas, we had a blast!

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  1. Looks like a great party. I'm glad you got the best costume award! You earned it!!