Flower Power {8 Ways to Wear Them as an Accessory}

Lately, my favorite accessory has been an oversized flower pin.
It is so versatile and really adds an extra "umph" to my outfits.
I was inspired by Elaine on her modest fashion blog, clothed much (check it out!).

So, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a stemmed flower (if it isn't on sale, take a coupon or wait a week--they go on sale FREQUENTLY!)

I chopped off the stem, flush to the flower base.
I kept the flower and all it's layers intact, and gently gobbed hot glue between
as many layers as I could.
Then, I hot glued a "pin back" on the backside.

The Perfect Accessory!

You have no idea how many compliments I have gotten on the flower from complete strangers.

My favorite ways to wear it include: 

On a regular, t-shirt. 
It really dresses up a casual outfit without any extra effort and a lot of statement.

On my plain purse. 
I got this purse for $10 because I liked the price, size, and color.  It is super plain, so I tied a thrifted scarf on one of the handles, and then pin the flower right on.  This is easy to do and isn't permanent, so you can change it up when the seasons or your mood changes!

On a plain cardigan.
I have a ton of simple cardigans, but I still get weak in the knees when I see an adorable embellished one at the store.  But with this flower, it dolls up even a plain sweater.  It takes a simple, understated outfit, to a whole new look--much more "pulled together" in my opinion. 

On a simple scarf.
I just love this look.  So easy, so simple, so chic. 

On my waistband.
Instantly makes this outfit glamourous!  Elaine also wears her flower this way, which I love.

Other Ideas:
Pinned to a belt (just on top of the buckle--gives it a feminine flair)
Pinned to an earwarmer
Pinned to a necklace (think one or two strands of long pearls, pinned on the side)

I even have a few other flowers, but you can see the versatility with just one neutral color!

And there you have it!  A few ways to glam up your get-up!
Gotta love {flower power}

(and after compiling this post, I am seriously sick of looking at my face!)


  1. PS, just dilly dallied through your blog, and I sort of love it! Upon reading I decided, "I like Tia." Haha.