Knitting Needles

My Grandma Clark has been teaching me how to knit.  I know only two stitches so far...
but I've been practicing them like crazy. 

I take my carpet knitting bag almost everywhere I go...
Including to watch Brett play softball Tuesday evenings.
Someone came up to me and asked how married life was, I said, "It's great!"
And then he looked at me knitting and said, "Ha, yeah right!  Looks like a drag to me!"

Well, I think knitting is awesome!  I love having something to keep my fingers busy and these projects I can whip out pretty fast--and I love projects that come together quickly.

Here's my first project:  a camel colored scarf.  I really like it!

Don't look too closely though, or you will see a lot of imperfections. 
But when it's on, you don't notice...
I just say it's experience.

I am also working on a making a scarf for each of my little primary kids for Christmas. 
Let's hope I can finish in time. 

I have also whipped up a few of these ear-warmers (too bad it's still in the 70's here)!

I can't decide whether to keep my bangs tucked in or falling out.

I've considered selling a few of the ear-warmers, but I don't know if anyone would be interested.
If you are, leave a comment--I would keep them under $10, so they would be affordable.
And am I the only one, or is taking pictures of yourself super awkward?
Or asking your husband to take a picture of you kinda weird?

Maybe it's just me...

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  1. I would totally buy one! Way to go, you are so amazing at anything you try to make!