It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...Around Here

Well we have been decking our halls,
and loving it!

Our first Christmas together as a married couple,
so we've scrimped and pulled together a pretty nice bit of Christmas cheer in our home.

My aunt's parents moved this summer and generously gave us some of their beautiful Christmas garlands, centerpieces, and even a gorgeous pre-lit tree.  We have put everything to use (except for the tree--but we are hanging onto it.  It's 10 feet tall, our ceilings are 8.  We were pretty disappointed when we figured that out).

A few trips to Goodwill, a couple glue-gunned burnt fingers, and a great purchase on Craigslist ($15 for a pre-lit Christmas tree!), and things are finally looking festive.

Here are a few glimpses until I get all the last touches finished and take pictures of everything together...

Brett put the Christmas lights up and did a great job!  (He was loving the fact that there were several nails already there to hang the lights on!).

 These are the cute Christmas vintage tins I found for CHEAP at Goodwill

The sweet Nativity I scored at Goodwill also.  I was so disappointed that we wouldn't have one, but when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect for us now.  I'm thinking I might have my in-laws find one for me when they are down in Chile.

We don't have stockings, so I whipped a couple together for me and Brett.  I think they cost me about $1, plus they are "customized" which I like.  Here is mine...

Come back soon,
because I have a few tips on using thrifted items for fantastic Christmas decor!

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