What's Cookin' in Your Kitchen?

As a newlywed, cooking can be a bit daunting.  Usually I love to do it, but sometimes, I'm just over it!  It's always one of my favorite things to chat with my friends...what do they make for dinner?  It seems everyone has some tips and tricks that work for them. 

So I thought I would occasionally post a few of the things I have learned since being married about
"cooking for two".

First off though, Brett and I both eat quite a bit.  Usually we have a bit of leftovers, which Brett takes to work the next day.  It's a system that has been working great for us and saves us a ton of money!

My first secret (or not-so secret): rotisserie chicken.
I love the rotisserie chicken because it is moist, already cooked, and slightly seasoned.

I love Costco's, but I've gotten them at other grocery stores. 
Costco just has the biggest for the best price ($5).
My tips for picking a chicken out is to find one that is touching or close to touching
the top of the case (it will be bigger and have more meat).

When you get home, take all the meat off of the bones and then divide it into quart size freezer bags.
Make sure to label and date them!  Then stick them in the freezer.
(You can use the leftover skin and bones and simmer them in water with onion, carrots, and celery to make your own chicken stock--this also freezes very well!).

They are ready for you to thaw out the day you have a recipe that calls for chicken! 

Here are my top three choices for using this chicken:

(this is a really hearty and healthy dinner)

(a really yummy twist on traditional enchiladas)

Chicken Noodle Soup
(use the "homemade" frozen noodles to kick chicken noodle soup up a notch!)

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  1. Hi Tia! You are a darling little domestic diva! hahah FB took me to your blog today and I enjoyed this post (as well as others I read) Although I am not a new wife, I too am cooking for two and this was a nice reminder that I can be more creative. Those 3 recipes sound yummy too. I will have to try them! Obviously, you are handling marriage and homemaking very well. Enjoy! :)