Weekend in Willcox

Brett and I went to Willcox a few weekends ago.  I love weekends away there.  They are slower paced, full of family togetherness, and wonderful weather. 

Here are just a few highlights from the trip:

fire burning in the fireplace and hot chocolate on chilly evenings

solving the worlds problems during family discussions

watching Brett round up 2 horses for us to ride, but a whole swarm of 10 followed him...he's the horse whisperer (or it possibly could have happened because of the bucket of grain he was carrying :)

a romantic horseback ride up into the mountains with a picnic lunch
(and Brett ripping a nice hole in his trousers)

taking the nieces and nephews on horseback rides and playing with them

homemade apple crisp from the apples in the backyard

being one of several fabulous "Sister Allred"s at church

a Fall feast of chili and cornbread

visiting brother and sister-in-law at their new beautiful home that is only surrounded by mountains and fields (she is just like Pioneer Woman!)

having chewy praline fudge for breakfast

picking out fresh produce at Apple Annie's

long talks and random dance parties in the car while driving

just being with the family
(I sure am going to miss my mother and father-in-law)

I've discovered that a huge part of me is a small-town girl
and I am lucky to have married the best cowboy around!

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