Happy Days

A few of the happenings around here lately:

picking the last few flowers off of our rose bush

homemade sweet pork (Costa Vida knock-off) salads
(yes, I did buy the tins to eat them in--I know, I am a nerd!)

carving a pumpkin and making homemade caramel apples
(using the apples from Apple Annies--yum!)
we named him Pier and he looked quite lovely on our front porch...
before he slumped over and died

going to "Movie in the Park" and seeing "Guys and Dolls" with Jacob and Camille
(check out their fun dating blog, here)
complete with a picnic dinner and twinkly lights
obviously we didn't get ideal seating sitting right behind a pole and trash can,
but it was still fantastic and the weather was perfect!

we (or shall I say Brett) planted our garden with winter veggies
(I did make the markers though, ha!)
he also put in a dripline system (pays off to grow up on a farm!)
and just a few other shots of our backyard
I love all the different vegetation and trees (we have citrus and pecan trees)
and of course, our chickens had to make an appearance

and are these not the most adorable Halloween treats? 
one of my sweet Primary kids brought them over to me on Family Night

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