Some More Happenings...

Had a very successful thrifting session last week on the 50% off Goodwill day...
I already have a project in the works with that huge frame I bought, so stay tuned... (and I love the vintage gold phone I got for $3)
My cousin Michelle, and her husband Jesse gave us this fun exer-saucer for Landon to use.  It is fun watching him discover new things!

I've had the chance to wear my Hunter boots quite a bit this season, and I loved every minute of it! 
Having fun playing "dress up" with Landon once in a while. 
Here he is sporting his adorable hat that Grandpa and Grandma Allred sent him from Chile...

Wearing his cute Old Navy Jeans (thrifted) and adorable Ralph Lauren Polo jacket (thrifted) with some little boots (gifted)...
Sporting his pink bow tie for the Sunday before Valentine's Day...
And showing dad his new "shades" for summer time!
We have too much fun with him!
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  1. Thanks so much for your submission! You are adorable! I wish we could have chatted at the meet-up!! And i am loving your blog. You have such a cute little guy!!! I'll be following along!

  2. oooh that FRAME! And...that PHONE! I have been wanting a retro phone! Must go thrifting. (See what you've done to me?) (It's not your fault, I have a problem.)