5 Months Old...

Seriously, can he stop growing so fast?!

He is 5 months old already.  I can't believe he has already been around for nearly half of a year.  Crazy!

I don't have super current stats, but he does have a scheduled doctor's appointment in a month, so we'll do stats at his 6 month update.  

He rolls over from tummy-to-back and back-to-tummy now.  He also can navigate the room that way, rolling around.  

He still lights up when I sing him some of his favorite songs.

He is chowing down on the rice cereal and has even tried some blended up spaghetti, mashed banana, and gnawed on a raw carrot.

He gets sooooo excited when Brett gets home from work each evening.  He flails his hand and arm in front of him, he kicks his little legs, he smiles from ear to ear, and his gaze never leaves Brett for the first few minutes--his eyes just follow him around the room and watch whatever he is doing.  It is so darn cute!

He coos, he laughs, he grunts, and he loves bath time a ton.  Oh, and he slobbers and drools like it's nobody's business!

And he won't hold still anymore...
which can make picture-taking a challenge

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