Snooze, Sleep, Zzzz's Being A Parent

I know I am the total exception to this, but I have gotten pretty decent sleep since becoming a parent.  

There have been several weeks where the "sleep" thing hasn't been swell, but overall, I am lucky.  

We have now fallen into more of a routine with nap times and bed times.  

He sleeps the whole night through.  He usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 p.m. (although some days he is pooped and I can't hold him out past 6:45 p.m.) and then usually sleeps until about 7 or 7:30 a.m.  Pretty awesome!  

At first I struggled to get him to fall asleep because he would doze off in my arms and then wake up when I laid him down.  But one night a while back, I just decided to lay him down awake to see what would happened.  

And what happened was so wonderful...he just made some cooing noises for a few minutes and then dozed off.  So the next night, I tried it again.  And it worked!  He has done it every evening and nap since.  There is an occasional squawk or whimper, but hardly ever any crying.   

Here he is going down for a nap...

And then a few minutes later...

Such a well-mannered little lad we have!


  1. His hair is so cute! I'm jealous that he'll sleep 12 hours for you. And he goes down early! I can only imagine all the stuff you can get done after he goes down. Does he nap well during the day? I know some babies are just great sleepers (like Landon) and can take two 2 hour naps a day in addition to 12 hours at night. Then there's babies like Henry who will sleep for 9 hours at night then two hour-long (if we're lucky) naps during the day. Ha!

  2. I am oozing with jealousy right now! Haha, maybe Ainsley will get there when she's older! I sure hope so :)

  3. Holy Adorable baby you have!!! It was so nice to meet you on Friday!

  4. That smile is adorable! I can't believe he sleeps soooo well! Naps are the hardest for Owen and I. If I don't time them perfectly he won't sleep longer than 30 minutes. It's SLOWLY getting better though.

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