Even Though We Ain't Got Money

"Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey" is what Brett sings to me often.  And we both start giggling.  Because that song has never been more true to us than it has been this last month.  We have been living off of wedding gift money and gift cards, so we still have been able to enjoy going out to dinner each week (we received some wonderful restaurant gift cards!).  I have been working, but not a lot of hours, and Brett has only worked a handful of days.  This economy stinks, especially for new graduates with a lot of potential, but limited experience. 

However, we feel so blessed because last week Brett got a job!  And since he is interested in pursuing a financial direction with his degree, working at a bank will be a great opportunity!  So now we are soaking up the last week of less work, with the peace of mind knowing that a paycheck will make it to our door sometime relatively soon. 

I have been wanting to post, and I have lots of entries to put up with lots of pictures.  But I left my camera down in Willcox last weekend, so hopefully I can get it back soon and update.  But for now, happy summer!  I found this entry on Busy Bee Lauren's blog, and I really hope Brett and I have a chance to at least do a few things on the list!  Check it out, there are quite a few free or inexpensive things to do.  Enjoy!

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