Down to Just Hours

I can not even believe I am about to be a married woman!  We are down to just hours now, and it is so exciting!  It is starting to feel more real now that I have gone through the temple, family is coming into town, and I am starting to pack for my honeymoon.  But it is still such a surreal feeling!

Brett and I went down to Willcox over general conference weekend and his sisters and sisters-in-law who were in town, and mom planned a bridal shower for me while the men were at the priesthood session.  It was a blast!

Susan, my soon to be mother-in-law, gave a little introduction

My two future sisters-in-law Melanie and Maren, with baby Cooper

Another future sister-in-law, Kami

I got so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts!  I am so blessed!

They of course had to grill me about Brett.  I buckled under pressure and couldn't come up with his favorite food.  Anyone that knows Brett knows it is steak!

My other future sister-in-law, Rebecca and Melanie just putting the final touches on the food table.  Everyone made such yummy treats!

Last week Brett and I got all decked out in our wedding attire and took some photos...
Here are a few sneak peeks of our pre-wedding bride and groom photos:

We are so excited!  After we get back from our honeymoon, I am sure we will have tons of wedding and post-wedding photos to share!

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