Bahamian Honeymoon

A couple of months before we got married, Brett handed me a packet titled "Honeymoon Itinerary".  It was full of the hotels we were staying at, our flight information, and cruise information!  (Does he know me well or what?  I love having an "itinerary"!).  I was ecstatic!  We went on a 5-day, 4-night cruise to the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Upon returning to Mesa following our wedding festivities, we ate, did a little last minute packing, and slept for an hour and a half and then we were honeymoon bound!  We stopped by Wal Mart at about 3 am to get a few trial and travel size things (we did not check any bags, so our luggage had to follow the "liquid" guidelines that the airport requires for carry-ons--what a pain!).  Here we are at 4:15 am, already through security and just waiting to board!

We had a short layover in Houston and then arrived in Ft. Lauderdale in the early afternoon.  We took a cab to Miami to the ship where we boarded.  After the mandatory safety meeting, you can probably guess that what we did next was CHOW DOWN!

 This is Brett's first bite on the ship, it was a yummy BBQ

 The boat leaving Miami

Eating breakfast over-looking the Bahamas

Our first stop: Freeport, Bahamas.  We walked around the small shops and then we were on our way to go on a jet ski tour!  Once we got there (that was an adventure in and of itself), we had an absolute blast!  We were so glad we chose to do this day trip.  It was a really fun and exciting way to see parts of the Bahamas. 

 The water was gorgeous! 

That night we dug into steak and pasta.  It was pretty cool to finish our meal and just be able to leave without waiting for a check.  Before knowing Brett, I had never known anyone who gets so excited about steak.  So you can imagine how much he loved free steak!  (I guess it is technically "pre-paid" but it felt free!). 

The next day we spent as a "beach day" on the cruise line's private island.  We lounged, napped, read, swam, visited.  So relaxing and enjoyable!  The weather and water were the perfect temperatures!

 And look at the fellow honeymooners we ran into a few times!  Thomas and Taylor!  So fun!

And of course, lots of eating!  (Hopefully Brett doesn't kill me for posting all the eating photos!) 

The last full day, we were at Nassau.  This is home to the famous Atlantis Resort.  If you have never heard of the Atlantis, it is so beautiful!  We went through the amazing Aquarium there, and wandered around trying to soak it all in. 

Sorry for the long post and picture overload!  We had a great time!  Now we have been home for about a month, and we just love being married!


  1. cute couple!!! how fun!! so happy for you!

  2. Beautiful Tia!! When do you want to do a date>??

  3. Tia, you are so lovely! Congratulations, I'm happy you found someone wonderful to be with :)