Etsy Shop Open!

Well, after contemplating this idea over a year, I finally did it! 

I opened an Etsy shop!

I want my things to be affordable, so I am trying to keep prices low and shipping fees minimal. 

And if you don't see something you like, there are still products on the way!  I have lots of ideas swimming in my head.  The more I sell, the more fun, new products I can add!

I hope these will be fun gifts for yourself or a friend, especially with the holidays and cooler weather here!

My two favorite products up so far are the sequined gold and blue pieces--both can be used as a headband or necklace!  Two-for-one!

So go and take a look around, and please feel free to spread the word to your friends! 

I'm also open to feedback on what you do/don't like or something you might like to see for sale!

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