A Halloween Tradition

Ever since I can remember, we went to my grandma's on Halloween Evening to eat goulash and get ready to trick-or-treat. 

Well now, there are only a few kids left who trick-or-treat, but my grandma still has us over for goulash on the back porch.  With a fire in the outdoor fireplace to relax nearby, and we top off dinner with doughnuts and hot chocolate! 

It seems Landon is the star of the show now, so he usually makes an appearance in every single picture taken.  He just went in a festive onesie, we didn't stuff him in the pinata one more time (pun intended ;)!

Landon with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Clark

Landon with Aunt Cassidy

 Landon with Grandpa and Grandma Brown

Landon with Aunt Haley (who just got her mission call to Lima, Peru!  So exciting!!!)

I love this tradition!
Bless my Grandma, she is too good to us!

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  1. Maren here. How awesome that your sister has a mission call! And to Peru! Congratulations to her. And Landon looks stinkin' adorable as a pinata. He's the sweet stuff inside :o).