What We've Been Up To...

Lots of football!  We have been loving the fact that we can go watch Clark every week play for Mountain View.  He is doing so awesome!  And now that the weather has been cooling off in the evenings, it is actually pleasant to be outside.  Go #31!

Brett was leaving for work when his car would not start.  He couldn't even put it into neutral so that we could back it out and use my car.  Thank goodness for closeby parents who let us borrow their car for the day so I could drop Brett off at work and then I could go to work.  And thanks to my dad who came and was able to jump it and move it so we had access to my car!

Brett's mom came into town so we spent the evening watching our neice perform in Gilbert's color guard (she does some amazing tumbling!).  And then went out to dinner with the rest of our adorable neices and nephews who live up here in the valley.  Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt?!  Look at those cuties!  And of course the rest of the night consisted of lots of giggling, Brett wrestling and tickle torturing the nephews, and youtube videos that gave us the giggles. 

Ice skating with the Pitneys!  They invited us to go with them, and we are so glad!  We had a great time, and love that we have friends closeby to get together with often.

with Blaine and Amy

the "awkward" shot :)

Working on more projects!  Thankfully Brett doesn't mind me trying to beautify our home if I am thrifty about it.  This is the chicken wire frame I made a while ago that is in our bedroom. 

Sorry for the crummy picture quality--the lighting in our bedroom is terrible!

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