A Great Day...of the Simple Things

I just need to remember this day.  It was wonderful. 

Brett's half day at work was today, so I picked him up from work and we headed to Last Chance.  We got some great dress clothes for Brett (since that's all he wears now for work) and I found some boots for $15 that I love for the Fall.  After that, we headed to La Grande Orange for an early dinner.  It was sooo yummy!  We ordered a pizza (half Gladiator, half avocado) and got gelato afterwards.  This was replacing our "out-to-dinner" date night this weekend. 

After that, we headed home for a fast nap and then headed over to my little brother's football game.  They won by a lot, Clark scored a touchdown, and despite it being toasty outside--there was a decent breeze. 

After the game, Brett wasn't feeling super well, so we had a low key night.  We showered and got in our PJs, I whipped us up some crepes to munch on, I did a quick face mask, and we enjoyed the remainder of the evening together. 

Today was wonderful.  Part of me wishes everyday could be this carefree and happy, but then I know I wouldn't appreciate when these days came around if that were the case.  And nothing earth-shattering happened.  It really is the simple things.  And we are just loving this whole marriage thing.  There can be stressful and tense moments or misunderstandings--but the joy most definitely outweighs those rough patches.  I am so blessed! 

I just can't wait until the weather cools down, so we can have some more outdoor time. 


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