A Girl Can Dream...Right?

So I need to preface this post to say that I have been notorious for writing letters when I want something while growing up.  For instance, when I was around 13, I wrote my parents a letter explaining why I should get a debit card (they weren't convinced).  When I was 17, I wrote my parents a letter explaining why I should be allowed to go to Disneyland for my prom activity (again, didn't work--their excuse: what if my honeymoon wasn't as fun as my prom activity to Disneyland!  Well I assure you--and I assured them already--that it ended up being a million times more fun than any prom activity could have been!).  So you get the idea.  But apparently I was never a good enough writer ha!

Well, I've been pining away for Beach Cruisers.  I literally fall asleep most nights to visions of beach cruisers dancing in my head.  I see glimpses of picnics, and ice cream runs on our cute beach cruisers.  Mine equipped with a basket, Brett's with a bell.  Anyways, in a desperate attempt to convince Brett that we should get some, I wrote him an email one day.  Here it is:

Dear Brett,
I wouldn't be myself if I didn't write you a letter explaining my desperate need for a beach cruiser.  The following link provides a picture of my dream cruiser for an unreal deal.  I think we should call on it this afternoon when you get off work. 

{insert Craigslist link that unfortuantely was gone by the time we called}

Why do we need beach cruisers, you ask?  Well, first of all, we are getting chubby.  Chubbiness is not an ideal look for me.  But baby, I want to look GOOD for you!  Purchasing beach cruisers will put an "uppity-up" spin on being active.  It will be an enticing way to exercise. 

Another reason we need beach cruisers, is because it helps save the environment.  We are going GREEN Brett.  We are in denial of this, but regardless of what we say, here is the proof: we have a compost pile, we are working on a garden, we are raising chickens, and we recycle!  We need bikes to help save the air.  I am not saying we will give up our cars, but riding our bikes leisurely will be another small way we contribute to a better world for our future children.

Another reason: we must PICNIC!  Seriously, we are such foodies, that planning activities around food has become second-nature to us.  Beach cruisers will allow for endless opportunities to plan activities around food via picnicking.  Can you not see us now on a late breezy afternoon eating chicken salad sandwhiches, sipping lemonade, and eating divine chocolate chip cookies on our denim blanket with our beach cruisers leaning up against the nearby tree?  That is basically a dream that can soon become a reality. 

And lastly, if you are not already convinced, I must reiterate my point with a commandment.  In the Family: A Proclamation to the World it states that: "Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and WHOLESOME RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES" (emphasis added).  Basically, President Hinckley was asking all husbands to purchase beach cruisers for their wives.  Because beach cruisers scream "I am a wholesome recreational activity!". 

Thank you for listening to my reasoning.  I know you will understand why it is essential for us to be beach cruiser owners.  Brett Wells Allred, you have given me a debit card and credit card (without me even having to write you a letter of persuasion), and if you get us some beach cruisers, you will have made my wildest dreams come true :) 

I love you baby!

Love your sweet wife,

Can you tell I was bored today?  I think you were probably able to sense the sarcasm and humor in my letter :)  Whatever happens, I love you babe!  Even if we don't get beach cruisers for a while (but seriously consider it!)  hehe xoxo 

Sorry this was such a long post...
But honestly--just admit that you are convinced you need a beach cruiser now!


  1. Don't do it Brett! :) (James)
    I think it's cute and I think we should all FOUR get beach cruisers!!! (jenessa ;P)
    And we're going to what?... bike back and forth between Phoenix and Tucson? (James again)
    Hey- girls can dream right?!
    --cute post tia, keep 'em comin'!! <3 (jenessa; fyi)

  2. haha. you're too cute. you write fun too! :)

  3. I hope you have better luck with Brett and your letters than you did with me and Dad. I must say, you have always been quite persuasive! I hope all your dreams continue to come true...Brett has done a great job so far!

  4. Love! I am totally convinced! Infact Mr. mecham will buy you a beach cruiser... I will make certain of that! If Brett doesn't. Tell him that one. "brett, if you don't buy me a cruiser, brother Mecham will have to buy me one because he felt sorry for me and especially for you inablilty to translate the proclimation to the family as beautifully as I do." it totally works every time! :) love you lady! Love your blog. Love that you are happily married to a total hotty! Love love love!