What We've Been Up To

Mid-week lunch date with Brett near his work building.  We went to Grimaldi's Pizzeria.  So yummy!  We would really reccommend this restaurant. 
We order a pepperoni pizza (the pepperoni has a great kick) and a Mediterranean salad.

We celebrated my Great-Grandpa Breinholt's 92nd Birthday!  
Apparently he was distracted, and didn't look at the camera 

Brett whipping up some of his "Killer Omelets" (named by himself, but they really are!)

Seeing Harry Potter opening weekend down in Sierra Vista.  We went with Brett's two brothers and their wives (Matthew and Maren hadn't arrived yet). 

The giddy Allred Boys: Michael and Brett

Kami, Michael, Brett, Me

Pizookies in Pajamas!  We recently purchased a new air mattress and put it to good use by blowing it up in our living room and watching "Back to the Future" while eating pizookies.  I love fun, free dates like this! 

Please excuse the no make-up and granny nightgown (but I love my nightgowns!)

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