Grilled Banana Splits

The other night after our family night activity, Brett and I tried out grilled banana splits.  What are grilled banana splits, you ask? 

Just take a banana and split the peel in half, but leaving it on.  Stuff the banana peel with any goodies you want to.  Then, roll the banana in aluminum foil and put on a hot grill for 3-5 minutes.  We put it on closer to 3 minutes, but we should have left it on slightly longer.  We put a swipe of butter, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and a large marshmallow (torn into pieces) on each of our bananas.  We think next time we'll incorporate some peanut butter somehow!  And we will definitely do the butterscotch chips everytime (Brett's fabulous idea). 

Once removed from grill, unwrap the aluminum foil and top the banana with ice cream.  The grill makes everything into a gooey, delicious mess! 

After a long day...not the best picture of us, but the post needed a few faces :)

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  1. NICE! was it your idea??? I love how much you love to cook! Let's be best friends! lol :)