4 Months

My blog is getting a "makeover"!  I am loving it.  There will be a few more small changes, but it is so much better than what I had before, wouldn't ya say?  Thank you to Nicole, for helping me out, she did great!

Can't believe how fast this little guy is growing!  

He was 12 pounds, 5 ounces at his 4 month appointment (a little on the smaller side now, but we are working on chubbing him up with rice cereal!).  

He immediately stops crying when I sing him "You are my Sunshine" or "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree".  Glad someone likes my voice, ha!  

He bats and flails at everything now--toys, faces, etc.

And giggles are much more frequent.  Oh how we love him!

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