Thumb Sucker

Well, it's official...
Baby Landon found his thumb!
I am kicking myself for not giving him the binkie when he was brand new, I was worried it would mess up his ability to nurse well.  But I don't think that would have been the case, and now he refuses the binkie and found his thumb to be the better option. 

I have to say though, it is quite adorable.  I just think of the potential orthodontic bills I might now have as a result of a baby who sucks his thumb.  However, I am his mother, so the orthodontic bills might be high regardless...

Case and point (How embarassing!  Can't believe I posted that!).  This is me with my first set of braces [February 1999].

I think I would have preferred the binkie, so then when I wanted to wean him from it, I had control.  Like I could gradually trim it down.  You can't really do that with thumbs. 

But alas, he has found it, and he looks so sweet sucking his thumb. 
It does melt my heart a little bit.

I sure just love being a momma.  I have found my life's calling for sure!  I have never found such joy doing laundry that has leaky diaper stains, singing lullabies with my terrible voice, cooking simple dinners each night, and having less space in bed (Landon sometimes joins us!) because it means I am a mom and a wife to the best guys around!


  1. So cute! Aiden has found his thumb a couple times and he looks just like that! Way to go for being strong against using the binkie, I was so weak I gave in right away to using it. Of course, the nurses at the hospital sort if chose for me and gave him one without asking me first. After that it was hopeless. Oh and that's after they gave me a whole packet on binkie pros and cons. Odd.

  2. All kids are different! Landon is so cute. At least he doesn't suck his middle and ring fingers at the same time like my niece! That's a tough one to outgrow. Henry has refused the binkie since he was born--I tried it since day 1. We even had ultra sound pictures of him sucking his fingers, so it's a lost cause. it's a habit that was formed in the womb (does that mean I'm not responsible!?) Sorry I couldn't stop and chat yesterday at the post office. It's my last week of work and I have been running the entire time I've been back to work getting ready for the new teacher!

  3. Don't worry too much about it. My sister sucked her thumb so much it started to crack and bleed, and then she was too scared to do it ever again. He'll stop when he's ready I guess.