3 Months

This is a couple weeks overdue, and Landon is already 3 and a half months old!  He is growing up way too fast for my liking.  But I suppose, I would rather him grow up to be big, strong, and healthy.

He is such a sweet little thing.  He sleeps all through the night.  We usually put him to bed between 8 pm and 10 pm and he usually sleeps until 8 am, so we can't complain!  It's the getting him to bed that is the real challenge.  He fights sleep terribly.  And he fusses, and won't self-soothe.  But once he is asleep, he usually does great!  We are working on figuring out a more solid naptime/bedtime schedule, so hopefully we'll have something a little more nailed down in the next few weeks.  Occasionally I hear him stir later in the night, and then a minute later I hear some lip-smacking, which means he found his thumb and he puts himself back to sleep, which is wonderful.  We love that part about thumb-sucking (and the fact that he looks darn cute when he does it too!). 

I am excited to get his stats at his 4 month appointment, just take a look at those chubby thighs and that sweet little smirk!  He gets the smirking from his dad, it's something I noticed right away when I first met Brett.  It was that quiet, confident smirk that made him such a mystery to me, I had to find out more about him!

And then he started to tear off the sticker, so picture time ended! 

Love this boy to pieces, he makes me happy beyond belief!

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