1 Month

Can't believe our little man is already over 1 month old!

If you can't tell, he is starting to fill-out and chub-up. 

We think it's adorable!

Thanks to the Estes family for sending us the adorable stickers to document his first year!

On his way to church for the first time (DIY cardigan onesie tutorial, found here).
Let's take a closer look at him in his cute onesie...

He is now enjoying bath time much more!

And what a fun 1 month it has been!


  1. What a sweet little boy! I love your pics. You look beautiful by the way! (as always). We love and think of you! ♥Randalls

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  3. OH my gosh Tia! He is so adorable and I love all these pics! I think he resembles your brothers & dad. You look awesome too. Its so nice to see so much happiness in your life. :)

    Jillene Petersen

  4. You don't look like you just had a baby. You look like you're holding someone else's baby and you're all, "I'm glad I've never been pregnant, or else I wouldn't have this great body.