Oh Summer!

Just thought I'd pass along my standard summer visiting teaching treat!  It's inexpensive, easy, and you will love the leftovers. 

It's otter pops!  And since they come unfrozen, you can just leave them that way, and they can freeze them on their own.  My mom and I do this every year, just add a personalized note or message, and you're set! 

And I just love having my patriotic decor out, it makes the house feel nice!  With Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day, it's a fun and festive time and a time to feel grateful for our freedom. 

I've always loved the colors red, white, and blue--they were even my high school colors.  Can't wait to get our little babe a cute red "toro" t-shirt, he'll make it just in time for football season, yay!


  1. i didn't get my otter pops yet. . . waiting with bated breath;)

  2. I like this idea because it doesn't seem necessary to actually talk to your visiting teachers/ladies you visit teach.