A Baby Bump and a Flower

Mother's Day has new meaning this year, seeing how I feel little kicks and squirms in my stomach daily, from our adorable baby boy on the way! 

But I have to admit, I've always loved Mother's Day, even as a young girl.  That's because my dad (and ahem...mom), made sure that every year on that special day, all the girls and women in our family had a corsage--including me!  I can't remember how old I was when this tradition was started, but I was young, probably around 6 or 7 years old.  My sisters and I, along with our mom and grandmothers have always worn a corsage to church, and I remember how special it made me feel. 

Mother's Day
May 13, 2012 (my one year wedding anniversary!)
Wearing my Orchid Corsage
My parents taught me that motherhood and womanhood was part of my divine nature, even though I wasn't a mom yet.  That I should be respectful of that calling I had been given.  I knew early on what a special role it was and am so grateful I did at such a young age.  Even those who are not yet "moms" or have not had the chance in this life to rear children, we are all still mothers--it is our divine role. 

I remember in 4th grade, my class had to draw a picture of what each person wanted to be when they "grew up".  After we finished, they were on display in the bulletin board in the hallway leading in to the library.  I drew a picture of me as a mom!  That was always my response of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I was instantly teased by a lot of the boys in my class, and they called me "mom" ever since.  Which I have to say, wasn't nearly as offensive to me as they probably intended.

Some might think that this is a ridiculous thing to aspire to, even at such a young age.  I think it worried some of my teachers at the time.  But I always knew it was my biggest goal.  Now here I am, I just received my degree from ASU, and I'm so glad!  Working as a Recreational Therapist has been so rewarding and I hope to continue to grow and progress in that field.  I love working on new things, learning new hobbies, developing friendships and new relationships.  But I'm sure as I look back on my life, I'll feel that being a mom was my most important (not glamorous) job, and for that I am so excited!    

So here's to the beginning of my newest and most important chapters in life!  I'm scared and worried, but I am also very excited!


  1. Love this! Love you! and Love that little baby boy!

  2. That's my dream job, too. :)

    I'm so happy for you!

  3. You are so cute. You will be the best, most organized, crafty, cute, best mom ever! I will be taking cute mommy lessons from you when the day comes. :)