Baby Boy Burp Cloths

For those of you that didn't know, I used to work at a ribbon store in college, called Ruffler's Roost, but it is also widely known as Ribbons and Lace, which is exactly what they sell! 

I love making baby girls adorable hair bows and other accessories with ribbons, and sadly you just don't have as many options when it comes to boys and ribbons.  But there are options! 

I whipped up a few burp cloths and binkie clips for our little guy, and I have to admit they are equally adorable and "boyish"!

I love finding the little buttons to go on the clip of the binkie clips, especially the tractor one that says "Save a Horse, Ride a Tractor".  Too cute!  If you don't know how the binkie clips work, there is a clip on one end and a velcro loop on the other that you can secure a binkie through.  Clip it to the baby's shirt, and if it gets spit out, it's never far or on the ground. 

The burp cloths are just cloth diapers that have the strips of ribbon sewn on the bottom.  It is a bit tricky to get the ribbon perfectly straight, even with pinning.  I am getting better but I can't lie, it bugs me when I notice they aren't perfect.  But I guess no one will look as closely at them as I will!  And they are "handmade" so perfection is usually impossible!

And of course, I also have to share a girlie one I whipped up for a friend...
That's a binkie clip, burp cloth, and bow all tied together.

Now aren't those fun?  That is one thing you can do with ribbon for a baby boy! 

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