What We've Been Up To: The Brett Edition

My husband is so fun and such a great help to me.  Here's what we've been up to lately through pictures of Brett...

Our house isn't very well insulated, so we have been bundled up pretty good around here,
especially after the cold front came through.
This is how he looked before he broke down and turned the heater on!

I have been knitting, and had mentioned to him that some of my yarn had gotten really tangled.  So he literally spent hours untangling it while we watched re-runs on Hulu.  Then he came home from work the next day and immediately finished.  I was laughing so hard, the yarn isn't worth much, but he just couldn't stop once he had started.  He's a helpful guy!

Grilling our yummy dinner outside in his PJs (I think he's a little bugged that I'm following him around with my camera giggling at him)

The other night, Brett walked in to the house and said "Lay your eyes on this!".  It was the first egg that we've gotten from our chickens.  Here are the first three.  They are a very light green, and we are so excited!

Isn't my husband the best?  He makes me laugh all the time and always helps me! 
I just love him!

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