Date Night: Planetarium

Since Brett and I had a mid-week lunch date at Grimaldi's, we decided to have lower key date nights this weekend.  We decided to take up the opportunity of the MCC Astronomy Night.  Every first Friday of the month, they have a free event where they have telescopes set up outside (we saw Saturn!) and a really cool presentation inside the planetarium.  Every month the theme changes.  The one we saw was called "Tour of the Universe" and it was put to the "Dark Side of the Moon" soundtrack by Pink Floyd.  They have a presentation every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.  And if you have to wait, you can peruse the posters and information everywhere or color a coloring page (like I did!).  As we were talking about space, we were discussing the order of the planets.  All I could think of was Uranus (remember those dumb 7th grade science jokes?  Ha, I'm so mature!) and Brett proceeded to ramble off all the planets in the right order--including where the asteroid belt was.  He credits his Willcox education to his amazing knowledge and memory.  At least one of us is smart!

I've been sporting a scarf in the hair lately.  Yay or nay?
I can't decide.  But I do like that it hides dirty hair!
After the presentation, we had to get a treat.  So we jetted down Dobson over to Angel Sweet, the gelato shop in Riverview Plaza.  Not the most authentic Italian gelato (or so I hear from those who know), but tasty all the same!  I got half mango-half coconut and Brett got chocolate oreo.  And the post wouldn't be complete without some food pictures!

As you can see, we enjoyed the gelato!  A very fun and cheap date!  For information on the planetarium, click here!


  1. So fun to hear what you guys have been up to! We have discovered a lot of great places to eat in Boise, so if you ever want to come up we would love to show you around - its only a 15+ hour drive! :)

  2. you went?! So did we! Wasn't that rocking? Next month we should go together and make it a date!

  3. I LOVE the scarf in the hair!!