Date Night: "Cheesy" Idea for a Date Night In

Our newlywed friends Jacob and Camille have a fun dating blog that I love to follow.  When I saw this post, I knew we needed to put our fondue pot to good use.  So we had a fantastic date night in.  I used a different cheese fondue recipe, and I used white grape juice instead of white wine.  My cheese fondue did not turn out exactly the right consistency, but it still was delicious!

A photo of the feast

We have some amazing photography skills! 
And I am obviously very photogenic, ha!

For the dipping, we had cajun turkey from the deli (which was super delicious!), slightly steamed brocolli (just to take the raw crunch out of it), apples, and homemade artisan bread (I'll need to post that easy recipe soon!).  We also had some grapes and a salad with chopped pecans and strawberries (forgot to buy some feta cheese).  It was super tasty and suprisingly very filling.  We didn't eat all of the food--not even close. 

After we let our stomachs settle, unlike Jacob and Camille, we ALWAYS have room for dessert :)  So we whipped up some chocolate fondue.  And the things to dip included strawberries, bananas, homemade chocolate chip cookies, graham crackers, and pretzel rods. 

Another fun and inexpensive (although splurge a bit on yummy cheese and cajun turkey) date night in.  It was a unique way to eat a meal that we would recommend!  We think we need to do it with a group next time.  Thanks Jacob and Camille for the great idea!


  1. So cute! YAy for cheap and fun wholesome date ideas! Post more! :)

  2. yum!!! i love fondue and i love date night in!