Mason Jar Meals

Lately the heat has been getting to me.  117 degrees isn't what you'd call ideal weather.  And after the infamous "haboob" dust storm hit the valley and no rain has followed, the weather is even nastier (if you can imagine that!).

So I have been dreaming of going on a picnic.  And while perusing the internet, I came across the coolest thing ever: Mason Jar Meals

Is that not the coolest idea?  The possibilities are endless!  You could even make a beautiful parfait with shortcake, strawberries, and whip cream layered (although it would get soggy quickly, so it would need to be made right before the picnic).  There are so many creative ways to make a mason jar meal, and they are perfect for a picnic.  Throw these in a picnic basket with a few mason jars full of lemonade and a couple filled with ice to keep things chilled, and you have a phenomenal and fun picnic!

To see how to assemble them and for more ideas, check out The Decorated Cookie Blog, here.

I had to post these so that when it is picnic season here (come mid-November), I can try these out with Brett.  Maybe my fellow cousins in the Utah area can give these a shot, since picnics aren't impossible in the summertime!

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